Closed Joint Stock Company "Gidromashservice" was created in 1996. The activity of JSC "Gidromashservice" began with deliveries to Azerbaijan from Europe and CIS countries various industrial equipment: pumps, compressors, electric motors, power transformers and complete transformer substation , high-voltage power equipment for the electric substation, concrete and metal pylon, diesel generators, cables, etc.





Having carried out the supply of equipment and establish good relationships with many manufacturers of industrial equipment in the CIS and Europe, the administration of JSC " Gidromashservice" decided to create their own structures for the construction of electrical substations , pipelines , power lines, various civil and industrial constructions .



Now the company's work is based on a new principle " Release by turnkey" , thereby creating a new image of the company , which supplies equipment from ordinary customers , moved on to more complex and more demanding job : design-build , installation and delivery of the facility to the customer.



Currently, the structure of CJSC " Gidromashservice" has high-professional designers , civil engineers , energy, equipment installers , economists , etc. Park was created by a special technique (over 100 units) that continues growing.






Construction and design department of CJSC " Gidromashservice " includes :

• Design and construction of pipelines;

• Design and construction of energy facilities (substations, transmission lines, etc.);

• Design and construction of water supply facilities (pumping stations, utilities, etc.);

• Design and construction of heat (heat boiler and heating mains, etc.);

• Design and construction of civil engineering structures (buildings, schools, etc.).




Our main customers - are ministries, agencies and state committees of the Azerbaijan Republic , as well as foreign companies .





From 1996 to the present time,  various industrial power supply equipment have been performed and construction works "turnkey" for a large number of electrical substations and transmission lines up to 330 kV. to different customers have been implemented.


Construction and installation work carried out by CJSC "Gidromashservice" certified by «SGS» ISO 9001:2008 standard since 06 May 2009.